Six Things Submission Is Not

Many folks seem confused about the subject of submission. Hopefully, this article will bring to light some needed wisdom and understanding concerning this issue and put to rest the culturally accepted folklore we hear about everyday in society about submission and taking it from the word of God.   What is submission not, according to 1 Peter 3:1–6? When I preached on this passage probably … [Read more...]

Organic Bedding Sets

Sleep is an essential part of life for everybody. If you do not get adequate sleep, you'll be tired and moody and eventually sick. This is the reason it is very important to get the best possible bedding. Studies show that the best choice is organic. Organic bedding feels amazing and they're really worth the money. It's true what they say you get what you pay for and you can feel the difference … [Read more...]

7 Secrets To Great Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a gesture of gratitude to friends and family who attend the wedding on behalf of the bride and groom. So, don't skip out on the wedding favor, because it really can matter. Remember that wedding favors do not have to be expensive if budget is an issue.   Favors are a great way to show your guests you appreciate their support and give them something to remember the day by, … [Read more...]

How To Save Water In Your Garden

Do you find your water bill increasing every time you water your landscaping together with the rest of your bills? Or just how much water your landscaping really requires? Probably the time is right for you to take into consideration how to make your watering more efficient so you have beautiful landscaping but save water at the same time. Planning your watering schedule whether for brand new beds … [Read more...]

Second Date Tips to Build the Perfect Romance

A lot of people think that the first date is the most crucial as it is filled with tons of firsts. But have you ever thought about the possibility of a second date? Equipping yourself with various helpful tips on how to land you a second date and on how to make it work out well could definitely help out a lot.   A first date can make a big difference, but so does a second date. Use … [Read more...]

Small Bathroom Ideas

A large, roomy bathroom is actually a comfort that numerous people want to have. But, the reality is, in most cities, apartments are designed with small bathrooms to provide room for the other rooms in the home. Yet that won't stop us from being in position to build a chic and functional bathroom that we want. Even though you have a average sized bathroom, the incorrect decorating could easily … [Read more...]

A Florist’s Guide to Wedding Flowers

Flowers are symbols of God's love and beauty on earth and so are weddings. The flowers add perfume and color to the occasion and are an integral part of any wedding.   Selecting flowers, a focal point of wedding décor, can seem foreign and costly to many brides. Here, floral designer Meredith Waga Perez of Belle Fleur NY offers advice for picking the right arrangements for your big … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Getting Over your First Heartbreak

Getting over a break up is hard enough, but trying to figure out how to get over your first love is perhaps the hardest. We’ve all been there: that moment in life when our first  relationship dies, and suddenly it seems like there’s  nothing left to live for. If you think breakups are no big  deal, listen to this: In a list of 50 major life events,  psychologists rank a breakup with a … [Read more...]

Divan Beds – The best bed choice

You'll find wide ranges of beds available in the market for your bedroom however a divan bed is definitely an outstanding selection. Read through below exactly why this type of bed is recommended by so many. • Readily available Divan beds are really popular because they blend stability, durability, comfort and looks. They are flexible types of bed, made up of a base and mattress, promising … [Read more...]

3 Clear Signs It’s Time To Let Your Marriage Go (WITHOUT Divorcing)

Going through a divorce can be a trying time emotionally, physically, and financially. The results of a divorce may follow you for years and possibly for the rest of your life. So as much as possible, save the marriage and fix things with your partner.   There are some things just not worth fighting for. And one of those is a marriage totally devoid of the most basic elements of an … [Read more...]