10 Ways To A Better Basement

"Basements can be tricky. Many homes have moisture and flooding issues in the basement because the space is below grade, making it prone to take on water from the ground outside. Like with any renovation, you want to make sure the space is in working order. You don’t want to cover up any potential problems and have to undergo a major repair in the future. Here are some basement maintenance tips to … [Read more...]

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Remove Pet Hair

"Pets are wonderful companions that many of us welcome into our homes. They provide hours of entertainment and unconditional admiration, but look around and you may find that they have left little reminders of their existence everywhere.  To get rid of pet hair, regular cleaning is a must and there are some easy ways to remove it." Do you have cat hair or dog hair all over your couch, … [Read more...]

The one lesson you all must teach your kids!

"If you have young kids, giving thanks together before bedtime or around the dinner table can help develop a healthy and loving attitude toward life. For older kids, let them learn from your habits: Make thanking others an everyday practice for you, and they’ll follow suit. Tell people what a good job they do, how kind they are, or how fabulous they look—as long as it's absolutely … [Read more...]

Second-Born Children Are More Likely to Be Troublemakers Than Their Siblings

"Recent research reveals most parents have a favourite child, and it’s usually the eldest. Now, it seems second-born children are also ripped off when it comes to behaviour, with a new study saying they’re more likely to be troublemakers than their siblings. So what if you’re the second-born child? Are you doomed to a life of trouble? Not so—as with every study, take this one with a grain of salt … [Read more...]

Choosing The Best Potty Chair For Your Beloved Child

"The quest for the perfect potty chair must start once the child has begun to demonstrate a desire for the potty training process. It is very important shop early, because there are a huge quantity of potty chairs in the marketplace nowadays. There are many crucial things that every parent need to buy, however a potty chair is among the most important of those purchases. It is important for … [Read more...]

Methods on Choosing the Right Mattress for a Child

"Most families will agree that kids have different needs, let alone preferences, on the things they normally use including their mattresses.The best mattress for kids is not the same thing as the best mattress for an adult. There are lots of things you must consider in choosing the best mattress that suits the needs of children. Here are the key factors you ought to give priority to when you're … [Read more...]