5 Tips For Creating A Budget-Friendly Wedding Bouquet

The dream wedding wedding bouquet enhances your beauty while not over taking your gown. You can have your dream wedding bouquet on a budget, no problem. This guide will help you design a beautiful bridal bouquet on a budget.

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True story, my Instagram feed is fifty percent flowers, I’m obsessed. Every time we walk into the grocery store, I shout as loud (and appropriate) as possible to my fiance “look how beautiful the tulips are today!” just to drop as obvious of a tip. I am, however, not made of money, and am always searching for budget-friendly life hacks, and budget-friendly wedding hacks. Today, Jeanni Dunagan and Starflower are here to save the day and teach us tips to create the most beautiful and inexpensive bridal bouquet.

The two teamed up with an incredible group of vendors to create this romantic shoot and offer their expert advice on DIYing your own bridal bouquets and wedding florals. We’ve spoken a bit recently about how to choose flowers in season, and turns out, that’s just one way to save a little money on your wedding florals.

So without much further ado, the talented team will woo you with their pretty bridal shoot, and teach us how to create the perfect budget-friendly bouquet – I’m taking notes too!

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