Advice on stopping a leak from a Singapore plumber

Leaking pipes at home can be a headache. Found this from a plumber website. You can view the full article from the link below and hopefully it would help to solve any leaking problem you may have.

Pipes are designed to provide a homeowner with years of hassle-free use, but the fact is that they can develop smaller or larger leaks over time. Leaks may develop due to loose joints, weather-related events, impact to the pipe and more. Whether a leak is larger or smaller in size, it is imperative to repair it quickly. Even a small amount of water that is leaking from a pipe can result in costly water waste, water damage and even destructive mold growth in your property. By learning more about the different steps that you can take to fix your leaking or burst pipe, you can determine if this is a project that you want to tackle on your own or if you should call a professional plumber to repair the leak for you.

Step 1: First, you should turn the water to your property off as soon as you suspect a leak. This will eliminate unnecessary water waste while you repair the leak, and it will also prevent unnecessary additional damage to your property. If your leak is located on a pipe under the sink, you can turn off the localized knob attached to the sink. If it is located elsewhere, it may be necessary to shut off the main water supply to the home.