Singapore’s foreign real estate investment curbs won’t be relaxed anytime soon

We are sorry for the lack of updates lately due to time being taken up by other projects. On our current radar right now is the property prices in Singapore. Property price here has been on the rise for close to a decade. In fact most millionaire in Singapore would tell you that they made their money by investing in the property market. Below is another article on property price in … [Read more...]

5k Death Toll in Typhoon Haiyan

  Really hope things turn for the better soon especially since we have staff members in the locality. Thankfully, our guys have manage to contact us but let's pray for the country. The death toll from Typhoon Haiyan has risen above 5,000, officials in the Philippines say, two weeks after the devastating storm hit the country. The country's National Disaster Agency says that … [Read more...]

Advice on stopping a leak from a Singapore plumber

Leaking pipes at home can be a headache. Found this from a plumber website. You can view the full article from the link below and hopefully it would help to solve any leaking problem you may have. Pipes are designed to provide a homeowner with years of hassle-free use, but the fact is that they can develop smaller or larger leaks over time. Leaks may develop due to loose joints, weather-related … [Read more...]

Shoebox apartment designs

Thought this is something that would be interesting to those like us that have lived or are still living in space tight Singapore. Kinda like our shoebox apartments isn't it? The key to any small apartment is making sure that you make use of vertical space. By tucking a bedroom up a set of narrow stairs, the designers create a makeshift second floor that frees up a lot more living … [Read more...]

Sparkling Urban Designs

  Love the designs found on this page.  Sparkling Urban Apartment Design Living in an urban environment while raising children can be a struggle. High-rise apartments simply don't offer the room to run, play, and be a kid that suburban homes can. But one modern couple has risen to the challenge with their cozy, modern apartment that uses whimsical and … [Read more...]