12 Perfect Gifts for Every Stage of Your Relationship

"When it comes to selecting a gift for a loved one, we are often more confused than usual. The gift needs to be special, it has to be symbolic of the bond that you share, and at the same time, you don't want it to be too heavy on the pocket. During this month of love, we thought we'll help you choose the perfect gift because even though most people say that it is the thought and not the gift that … [Read more...]

8 Honeymoon Ideas for Every Type of Couple

"You've made it official–and now it's time to unwind. Honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes, a beach vacation, a safari, a ski trip — and are based more on the couple's joint personality than on tradition." A trip to Paris with a room overlooking the Eiffel Tower, a suite in Hawaii with a hammock and views of the sunset—there are certain images that immediately spring to mind when the … [Read more...]

Best Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

"Long distance relationship or popularly known as LDR is somehow an issue for each and every pair. Being physically away from each other could possibly put hindrances to a relationship which can result in split up. When distance turns into a worry, the trust and truthfulness are put to test. If you are in that situation, how guaranteed are you that can exceed the trials? Here are some tips for … [Read more...]


"Highly successful couples  know that making the relationship a top priority is vital.  Success in marriage is more than finding the right person: It is being the right person. Romantic relationships are dyadic interactions, and as such, they are ever-changing and intensely complex. The recipe for a successful marriage isn't fully clear, but this sample of findings points to the importance of work … [Read more...]

7 Reasons to Have Sex This Week

"If you thought that the only benefit of sex was, well, pleasure, here’s some news for you. Making love is good for adults. And making love regularly is even better. But that pleasure isn’t the only reason you should keep getting busy underneath the sheets: The mental and physical benefits of a healthy sex life extend far beyond your bedroom. All of the happy feelings experienced after sex can … [Read more...]


If you love your girl and want to be with her forever, you should know the things that makes her happy, the things that will force her to fall for you even more. This coming Valentines Day is the right time to impress her more. Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love, beauty and romantic mood. Happy couples want to make it special and unforgettable, but sometime they don’t know what to do to … [Read more...]

The 60 Most Romantic Weekend Getaways to Add to Your Travel List

Need some romance in your life? It's been a long time since you had spent quality time with your loved one? Try a romantic weekend getaway! Find the best newlywed retreat that is right for you and your spouse. Nothing's more romantic than a weekend away with your love — especially when we've picked the coziest B&B's, restaurants, and activities for you to enjoy together. Choose a destination, … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Be Grateful for Annoying People

Reading this post I suddenly remember my sister who used to annoy me when we were still  kids. Yeah she was annoying but I'm also thankful because I learned a lot. I'm sure you are also grateful to those annoying people around you! There’s nothing worse than an annoying human who gets under your skin. Maybe it's a co-worker who always makes idiotic comments on the news or your opinionated … [Read more...]

7 Not-So-Easy-to-Pick-Up-On Signs That You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Toxic people are exhausting and bring a lot of misery to your life. If you are struggling because you love him or her but your gut is telling you that they are toxic to you, here are some clues to determine whether you are in a toxic relationship. Look, no relationship and no person are perfect. Navigating through life as a couple is tough stuff — but that totally doesn't give someone a free pass … [Read more...]

Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work

There is a possibility that a couple encounters long distance relationship. Being physically apart could put blockages to a relationship that can result to break up. And when thinking about LDR, your trust to each other is usually tested. What else can you do in order to fruitfully push a long distance relationship? Below are some tips for girls out there who have been in a long distance … [Read more...]