"The best thing that you can do is flow with life instead of against it. We can't always predict what is going to happen in our lives, but we always have a choice how we are going to respond. If you feel lost; or the next time that you do; remember that dark times don't last, but strong people do." If you have been searching for an answer for how to find yourself, I'm here to support you … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Stay Mentally Strong When You’re Dealing With A Toxic Coworker

"When you’re working with a toxic coworker, there is no question that you’re suffering from the experience. And it’s likely that business results are suffering, too. Quite often, the pain provides strong motivation to address the problems and propel things forward, but the work ahead is not easy, and we aren’t going to lie to you: Rebuilding relationships and developing new habits takes a lot of … [Read more...]

Second-Born Children Are More Likely to Be Troublemakers Than Their Siblings

"Recent research reveals most parents have a favourite child, and it’s usually the eldest. Now, it seems second-born children are also ripped off when it comes to behaviour, with a new study saying they’re more likely to be troublemakers than their siblings. So what if you’re the second-born child? Are you doomed to a life of trouble? Not so—as with every study, take this one with a grain of salt … [Read more...]

A Modern Guide To Gift-Giving Etiquette

Is there such a thing as gift giving etiquette? Keep these etiquette tips in mind to calm the stress and make shopping easier on you and your wallet. The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry if you've offended someone by tucking a gift card into their stocking. Here, etiquette expert Myka Meier shares her top tips for the season of giving. Are hostess gifts always required? … [Read more...]

Why You Should Totally Attend Your High School Reunion

Ah, high school. Even when it's gone, it's not really gone. It always comes back in the form of reunions. For some it is the best time of their life, and for others it is the worst. I’m on the brink of my ten-year high school reunion, and all sorts of scary questions have started popping up. Have I accomplished enough with my life to show my face? Do I really want to put myself in the position of … [Read more...]

10 Ways The Beauty Industry Propagates Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Women should feel beautiful from purely being themselves. However with how our society perceives beauty, most women felt they failed the standard of what today's beauty is. This unrealistic beauty standards discuss in this article tends to influence younger generations which has negative effects to our society. How do industries work? They propagate both real and false ideas; screaming that … [Read more...]

Ten Most Significant Cultural Trends of the Last Decade

It is a fact that culture is integral the existence of a society. Although it has no definitive definition and constitution it is the basis of the identity of a social group. It is also the source of their beliefs, practices.   Ten years is a very short time. As I reflect on the world in 2011 compared to the world in 2001, I’m less struck by how much has changed than by how much is the … [Read more...]

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month: Things You Need To Know About Adolescent Suicide Risks

  Many of suicide responses are determined by social factors and norms operating in the specific culture in which the suicide is accomplished. One person in the United States commits suicide every 12 minutes, which makes suicide awareness and prevention highly important as these gestures can possibly save a life. September is known as the National Suicide Awareness and Prevention … [Read more...]

Flash Axed by Google Chrome

Holy! First Apple now Google. All that is left to kill off flash is for windows to ban it.    Honestly I think that security is a huge issue at this time and if a software Giant cannot fix it they should have just pulled the plug on it. (thou i would be sad too as this would affect a lot of my internet habits).   Google has detailed plans to begin blocking Flash content by default … [Read more...]

Signs of Cheating Spouse

  "If you believe that your spouse is cheating on you with another man or woman, you may understandably be overcome with a wide range of emotions. Commonly, individuals may feel anger, pain, frustration and resentment when faced with the possibility of a cheating spouse. However, many people become upset when they merely suspect that they are dealing with a cheating spouse and before they … [Read more...]