How to Start Seeds in an Egg Carton (and Transplant the Seedlings)

“Seed starting can take a lot of time and resources. But if you look around your house you may just find some materials you won’t need to buy to get your plants started. You can easily and inexpensively germinate seeds in egg cartons that you were just going to throw out.”
Recycle old egg cartons to sprout seeds!

It’s planting season and you’re ready to start your garden. But it can be difficult to sow and sprout seeds directly in the soil. Many don’t survive and weeds can interfere with the growth of your plants.

Instead of buying more plastic seed-starter pots or expensive kits, try using some free materials you’d otherwise just be throwing out. Egg cartons and coffee grounds work great, and you’ll be doing the environment (and your wallet) a favor…


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