Best Lawn Aerators: Reviews & Tips for Choosing

"There are many benefits to using a lawn aerator. Aerating a lawn enables water and air to flow around grass roots, which will help to fend off fungi while promoting the growth of more advantageous organisms. All this results in a more healthy, greener lawn." Have you ever secretly admired the lush and delightful searching lawn in your neighbor's house and pondered why … [Read more...]

Lawn Aeration To Improve Your Lawn

Of all landscaping ideas, one of the simplest to keep is a lawn. It doesn't have a calming effect on the house, but the sprawling lawn increases property value too! Lawn aeration is an important yard maintenance job you must do on a regular basis. Especially for high traffic lawns, aeration is necessary. Lawn aerators are the excellent tool for getting this task carried out your lawn. This … [Read more...]