Tips to Keep Pipes From Freezing During Winter

"The level of winter plumbing protection varies depending on the areas where you live simply because temperatures also change from one place to another. It is enough if you have some common hand tools as well as some plumbing supplies can be bought online or from a local supply store to protect your plumbing system." If you live in a location where … [Read more...]

Tips on Green Plumbing

Because of the today's technology that we have, even the plumbing system in our residence can be designed so that it could be more earth friendly and may also help with conservation of natural resources. It is a positive thing that even though technology is continuously growing, we also find ways of adding to sustainable green living. With green plumbing, there are methods which are being … [Read more...]

Tips in Thawing Pipes

In many parts of the country, temperatures could drop under freezing for a lot of hours at a time. Frozen pipes demand fast attention from the successful, licensed plumber. Plumbing emergencies could be very pricey for business and homeowners, especially on winter. Frequently, you do not even be aware that the pipe has broken. You'll find out, however, if you notice the damage it caused. Your … [Read more...]